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Put the smart in your smartphone

posted Jan 30, 2013, 9:22 AM by Jimmy Perry   [ updated Apr 13, 2013, 5:26 PM ]
Had the chance to move my iPhone 5 over to a $10 plan with instruction from Mr. Money Mustache. Can't understate how impressed I am that you can do this with just about any phone. The exciting part of this is you can leverage all the smart features of your smartphone on a $10 plan! Granted, you will need to rely on wifi and your current usage of cell minutes or cellular data should be moderate to low. If your looking for an unlimited cell data and minutes plan you can get that too through StraightTalk or RepublicWireless. As for me, I went the Airvoice Wireless route.

The Airvoice Wireless plan is a great way to go. I got a datajack for cell data (wifi hotspot) while traveling and if I really needed more data connection outside the wifi hotspots I frequent. Looks like Walmart is also coming out with a very attractive no contract wireless hotspot plan too. Oh an that's another point of all this - everything can be done inexpensively and you can get rid of all those high priced major carrier plans tied to a contract. So, if your looking to free your smart phone from the shackles the time has come!



Cell Plans

Cutting your SIM for the iPhone 

nano cutter
I figured it safe to buy a cutter for less than the cost it takes to replace the Airvoice SIM (under $5 and worked like a charm)

Potable wifi Hotspots

Smart Services and Apps to manage your new smartphone

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gv-connect-call-sms-client/id347835665?mt=8 (good app to manage Google Voice and tie your number to wifi calling on talkatone)

http://www.talkatone.com/faq.html (great app to send and receive calls over wifi - saves your cell phone minutes on Airvoice)


I set up an iPhone 5 using the tutorial, cutter from amazon, and Google voice managed by Google Voice Connect and Talkatone for times when I want to go wifi to save on cell usage. Ported a number out of Google voice into Airvoice for $3. My iPhone 5 is new, was under at&t contract, is not jailbroken or unlocked. Still works on Airvoice fine because Airvoice uses AT&T towers. I like the functionality of Airvoice, Google Voice, Google Voice Connect, and Talkatone and the smarts that come built into the phone make for very efficient uses of data sources. Plus if you use your Google voice number to route all your calls you never have to worry about what the number is on your SIM thereby freeing you to shop around.